marple community yoga

 for wellbeing, for fitness, for life

      Marple Community Yoga is now supporting your heath and wellbeing online. 

There are a number of videos on my FaceBook page for free. These include wellbeing classes (yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation, Seated Yoga) and Yoga 4 runners.

All classes are currently online

Qualified Yoga teacher, Certified Somatic Education Coach, Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, & Certified Chi Running Coach

Live streamed classes

Yoga for healthy aging - stay active and stay well (£6.50 drop-in, £36 for series)

Mondays 10.30am - 11.45am  - 6 classes  12 April - 24 May ( no class 3 May)

                 Yoga 4 Runners - finding your power series (£6.50 drop-in, £36 for series for 75 mins or £5 drop-in, £16 for 40 mins)

                                                                    Monday 6.30pm - 7.10pm - 6 classes 12 April - 24 May (no class 3 May)  

                                                                    ​Monday 6.30pm - 7.45pm - 6 classes 12 April - 24 May (no class 3 May)

                                                                  Wednesday 7.30pm - 8.45pm 6 classes April 14 - 26 May (no class 5 May)


                                                         Yoga 4 Runners - stability, strength and mobility (£5 drop-in £16 for series)

                                                                     Friday 7pm - 7.40pm - 6 weeks  7pm - 7.40pm 16 April - 21 May



Weekly Meditation and Mindfulness . This is an online community. We have live online sessions each wednesday morning at 8am - 8.30am. You get access to a recording so you can build up a daily practice. You get monthly talks on mindfulness and meditation to keep your motivation going. You can ask questions and request specific focusses so you get your needs met. These are offered on a subscription basis (£10 a month) 

Run with Ease workshops. These are coaching sessions for runners to find out more about integrating Chi Running practices to enhance their running form, prevent injuries and just make it more fun. These are outdoors around Marple area (£50). Email to register your interest.


to find out more

email [email protected] or phone 07554 868 664