marple community yoga

 for wellbeing, for fitness, for life

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      Marple Community Yoga is now supporting your heath and wellbeing online. 

There are a number of videos on my FaceBook page for free. These include wellbeing classes (yoga, breath work and Meditation) and specialist Yoga 4 runners classes and workshops.

 classes are both on line and in person

Qualified Yoga teacher, Certified Somatic Education Coach, Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher

 Yoga 4 Runners - Mondays online

                                                             Monday 6.30pm - 7pm Starts 11 April for 6 weeks


 Yoga 4 Runners - Wednesdays in person (St Martins Hall, Marple)

Wednesday 7.30pm - 8.30pm  Starts 20 April for 6 week

Yoga 4 Runners - Fridays in person (St Martins Marple)

     Friday 6.30pm - 7.30pm  starts 22 April for 6 weeks 

                                                                           Meditation - Wednesday online

                                                                     Wednesday 8am - 8.30am on going 








Running Yogi workshops.(Saturday afternoons) These are sessions for runners where we apply breath work, yoga, Mindfulness and running form to run with greater ease. These are part indoor and part outdoors around Marple area


to find out more

email [email protected] or phone 07554 868 664